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In December 2022, Monique Judge highlighted the importance of bringing back personal blogging in her article for The Verge. She argued that the autonomy and sense of community that personal blogs provided during the early internet days are precisely what we need in today’s internet landscape. At WordPress, we understand that personal blogging may not have disappeared entirely, but we wholeheartedly agree that there has never been a better time to start your own personal blog.
With the plethora of internet tools available today, building a blogging space for yourself has become incredibly simple. All you need is a account and some free time, and we will guide you through the process of starting and effectively running your personal blog. So, seize this opportunity to share your stories, thoughts, and passions with the world through the power of personal blogging.

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  • A personal blog: what is it?
  • Why start a personal blog?
  • where to create a blog
  • Various types of personal blogs

Setting up an individual blog

  • For your blog, settle on a name.
  • Pursue a account.
  • Pick a subject.

Modern techniques for operating a personal blog

  • Make an editorial schedule.
  • Put in plugins
  • Customize the look of your blog.

How to advertise your individual blog

  • Your blog content for optimization
  • Integrate social media with your blog.
  • Send out a newsletter with your blog entries.

A personal blog: what is it?

An individual blog resembles a virtual journal where you can impart your considerations and encounters to others on the web. Not at all like business sites, which frequently have different givers, an individual blog typically has only one individual composition and overseeing it. The posts on an individual blog are frequently composed from a first-individual point of view and are centered on the creator’s life, feelings, and thoughts. While many individuals start individual websites as a pleasant leisure activity or to impart their inclinations and encounters to other people, a few individual online journals have developed into bigger distributions or even fruitful organizations. Thus, paying little heed to why you choose to begin an individual blog, it very well may be an extraordinary method for offering your voice to the world and possibly even transform your energy into something greater.

Why start your very own blog?

A personal blog offers the following advantages:

Self-Expression: A personal blog allows you to freely express yourself and share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others. It gives you a platform to showcase your unique perspective and voice.
Creativity Outlet: Blogging provides an outlet for your creative side. You can experiment with different writing styles, incorporate visuals like images and videos, and design your blog to reflect your personal style.
Community Building: Through your personal blog, you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions. It fosters a sense of community and allows you to engage in meaningful discussions and interactions with your readers.
Networking Opportunities: Blogging opens doors to new networking opportunities. You can connect with professionals and experts in your field of interest, collaborate on projects, and even gain recognition as a thought leader.
Professional Growth: Starting a personal blog can supplement your professional work and enhance your career prospects. It showcases your skills, expertise, and dedication, which can attract potential employers or clients.
Skill Development: Blogging hones your writing, communication, and digital marketing skills. You can learn about search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, social media promotion, and analytics, which are valuable skills in today’s digital world.

Where to create a blog

Let’s focus on creating a blog using for the sake of this post. Here are some of the perks of using this platform:

  • A flexible and user-friendly block editor
  • A generous free plan with saleable paying options and round-the-clock support for all plans

Various types of personal blogs

Here are five personal blog examples to get you started:

  • A flexible and user-friendly block editor
  • A generous free plan with saleable paying options and round-the-clock support for all plans

1-Irene Judge

Monique Judge is an incredible writer and journalist who covers a wide range of topics, including pop culture, politics, Black representation, productivity, and technology. Her personal blog reflects this versatility since she shares not only her latest published work but also her personal thoughts and reflections. What makes Monique’s blog so special is how seamlessly her own unique perspectives and experiences merge with her professional writing. It’s a shining example that you can stay true to yourself while also promoting your professional interests.

2- Godin, Seth

Seth Godin, a renowned marketer, manages a blog that captivates readers with its short and concise posts. Through these snapshots of his life and expertise, he shares valuable insights and wisdom. Seth understands the value of time and ensures that his posts are quick reads, typically consisting of under seven paragraphs. Despite their brevity, each post is carefully crafted to convey a solid and impactful point. By maximizing the impact of his quick reflections, Seth leaves a lasting impression and sparks thought-provoking conversations among his readers. So, if you’re looking for bite-sized yet impactful content, Seth’s blog is the perfect place to find inspiration.

3-Mullenweg, Matt

Let’s talk about Matt Mullenweg, the brilliant mind behind WordPress and Automatic. He uses his blog as a platform to share updates about his products and insights about his life. While a significant portion, around 80%, of his blog focuses on WordPress, Automatic, or his guest appearances, Matt has a unique way of making everything feel personal. When you read his posts, it feels as if he’s sitting right beside you, passionately sharing his thoughts and experiences. His writing tone creates an intimate connection, making you feel like you’re having a conversation with him.

4- Timothy Ferris

Let’s talk about Tim Ferris, a notable investor, adviser, and author known for his influential business books, including “The 4-Hour Workweek”. One of his amazing ventures is hosting a podcast called “The Tim Ferris Show”, and he has taken advantage of WordPress’s amazing blogging features to showcase this podcast. On his blog, Tim creates detailed introductions for each episode, giving his audience a glimpse into what to expect. This serves as a great example of utilizing WordPress’s versatility to promote various forms of media.

5-The Plane Kate's Katelyn Gunderson

Have you heard about Katelyn Gunderson, the aircraft engineer who runs “The Plane Kate” blog to inspire and empower women in STEM fields? Katelyn shares her experiences as an engineer, offering a glimpse into her daily work life and provides tips for aspiring engineers to thrive in the industry. What sets Katelyn apart is how she grounds her blog posts in her past experiences, making everything she writes incredibly relatable. Even though she talks about a very technical subject, she skillfully breaks it down in a simplified way so that everyone can easily understand.


All in all, composing is a groundbreaking encounter that permits you to share your contemplations, thoughts, and stories with the world. Being published and writing for various platforms is not only a chance to express yourself but also a chance to improve the lives of others. by sharing your interesting viewpoint and bits of knowledge, you can motivate, illuminate, and interface with a worldwide crowd. Whether you fantasy about turning into an expert essayist or basically need to share your interests and encounters, composing for ourselves and getting distributed is a fantastic chance to enhance your voice and leave an enduring effect. Thus, jump all over this opportunity to add to the aggregate insight and information on humankind. Share your ideas with the world, start conversations, and let your words spread positive change around. The world is holding on to hear your story, so begin composing and open the force of your voice today